A survey is a statement which is compiled with competence, profound expert knowledge and experience.

Facts have to be determined according to your order and the conclusions and considerations resulting from those facts have to be described in a well-founded, objective, systematically structured and comprehensible way. A survey has to be comprehensible for non-experts as well as to be verifiable for experts.

Legal questions, which are dealt with by the courts in particular, are usually not to be treated in a survey. Nevertheless, it is unavoidable that various legal constellations have to be discussed and evaluated.

The result of a survey is basically without commitment.

Surveys are particularly necessary if the persons involved do not know anything about the object to be estimated and if those persons need a broad overview as a basis for their decisions, especially if surveys are to be presented at court, at the tax authorities or provide the basis for granting a mortgage.


A survey also contains the description of real and current economic characteristics: information about prevailing local and nationwide market situations as well as the section of the part of the market referring to the object to be estimated. These information enable a fundamental and reliable evaluation. They also hint at future developments through conceptual characteristics.

In addition, it is necessary in some areas to examine the competitive situation, location characteristics as well as the purchasing power and streams of passers-by in detail in order to analyze the data more precisely afterwards. With those examinations, economic emphases can be realized early enough and decisions be made to the objective.

Calculation of living space and floor space

A landlord often does not know the area (square metres) of his object definitely. The documents show living and floor space according to the plans but they do not always correspond to the existing conditions. During the time of construction, modifications can occur which lead to other areas (square metres). Areas (square metres) can also vary because different legal requirements for calculations exist.

Unfortunately, mistakes are often made because of lack of knowledge of the legal requirements, which have then to be settled by court.

In order to avoid this, I offer you to determine the rentable living and floor space properly and describe them comprehensibly for renter and landlord.

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